The Tribal International Trade Center, LLC was established in February 2008 by partners:

  • Lawrence SpottedBird
  • Young Kwon
  • Stephen Park

With headquarters in the Seattle, Washington area, TITC also has offices in Los Angeles, California.

The mission of TITC is to broker trade between Indian Tribes in the United States and First Nations in Canada and countries worldwide.   TITC will also recognize that international trade means trade between tribal nations as well as foreign nations.  Since our partners and primary connections are with businesses and the government of South Korea, our focus is brokering trade between South Korea and tribes.   

Eventually, we will also identify and affect trade with other Asian countries, South American countries, and Indigenous nations worldwide.

Seoul World Trade Center

This international trade will serve Tribal governments to rise to the level of becoming recognized as international nations - bringing with it the acceptance by global organizations as peers to any other foreign nation.   Eventually, the U. S. Government will be pressured to also recognize the 566 Tribal Nations as peers - as nations with a nation.   Not to destroy America, but to help build America to become an even stronger global leader in commerce and in the political arena.   Nations will once again respect the United States of America with its many strong and powerful Tribal Nations within.