In partnership with Cost Segregation Services, Inc. (,SpottedBird Development, LLC is authorized to offer tribes and Alaska Native Corporations with the opportunity to adjust their federal taxes through a new process known as "Cost Segregation."

Cost Segregation is the IRS approved method of re-classifying components and improvements of your commercial building from real property to personal property.  This process allows the assets to be depreciated on a 5, 7, or 15-year schedule instead of the traditional 27.5 or 39-year depreciation schedule of real property.  Thus your current taxable income will be greatly reduced and your cash flow will increase.

For tribes who own real property on "fee land" that results in tax liability, this could reduce the federal taxes you have already paid through this approved adjustment process.  This complements the already unique advantage tribes and investors have in accelerating their depreciation for real estate investments on reservation lands.

Alaska Native Corporations already pay taxes on any real property they develop on their lands in Alaska and nationwide.   Cost Segregation would result in an adjustment in their depreciation for the real estate holdings and a subsequent tax refund on taxes already paid.  The result will of course increase their dividend payments to shareholders.